About awards

Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition, one of the most wellknown industrial design competitions in China, has been held annually since 2005 in our famous manufacturing city – Dongguan. Dongguan Cup Awards is hosted by Dongguan Municipal People’s Government, Guangdong Province and China Industrial Design Association, organized by Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Dongguan Economy and Information Technology Bureau, Dongguan Municipal Intellectual property rights Bureau, Guangdong University of Technology, P.R.C. and Guangdong South China Institute of Industrial Design. Themed with ‘Innovative Design and Leading Dongguan’, which is in the Vice Governor of Guangdong Province TONG Xing’s calligraphy, Dongguan Cup Award is dedicated to get in touch with innovative and human-centered design, widely gather every excellent design resource, encouage innovation among local enterprises, and promote industrial transferring and upgrading of producers.

Dongguan Cup Competition consists of two competition groups: Open Group and Enterprise Group, and they are open to designers home and abroad from design agencies, high education, and local enterprises in Dongguan. It is packed with a series of activities: call for entry, review and selection, exhibition of outstanding design projects, project industrialization promotion and matching meeting, and industrial design summit forum. During the past ninth  years, Dongguan Cup Competition has gathered about 23000 submissions. More than 1500 organizations, institutions of higher education, and over 250,000 designers , including representatives of business enterprises, entered for the Dongguan Cup Competition. The total prizes money for these 8 years has been up to 8 million yuan. We firmly believe it helps to promote academic education and practical application of industrial design,esp. increase students innovative and integrated design ability and practitioners engineering practices skills; it also helps to encourage cooperation of industrial design projects between local and international entities, attract excellent designers to join industrial design projects in Dongguan, and promote Dongguan’s industrial design development and self-innovation skills.

The 2013 Ninth Session of Dongguan Cup Competition will continue its commiment to promote industrialization and production of industrial design projects and create more opportunities for matching between designers and local enterprises and follow up till the end of the related business incubation. We hereby sincerely hope that you will join us to make contributions to industrial design development in China and Dongguan.